Covid 19 Update

25 March 2020

FLC Members, 

Due to the "Shelter in Place" restriction, we can no longer offer drive through communion at this time. We do, however, invite you to join us on Facebook for a live stream service on Sunday at 9:30AM. The scripted service is attached. We invite you to print off the service and follow along. 

Even though we are not meeting in person, we still have ongoing expenses and ministries to support. Offerings can be sent in the mail or you may contact Lauren to make an electronic (auto or one time) donation. Due to the “Shelter in Place Order”, we are limiting resident office hours. We will continue to check messages and emails, making connection via phone and computer.

Lauren will be available in the church office on Mondays from 9AM-12noon if you wish to place an electronic donation.

Thank you to those who have and continue to send in their offerings.

Please be sure to check your email regularly for updates so we can reduce the number of physical mailings. If you know someone who does not have an email, please feel free to inform them of the updates that you receive.