Welcome to First Lutheran Church of Temple, Texas. Our mission is to love and serve Christ in our community, in the unity of the Holy Spirit. All are welcome to join us here at First Lutheran, your church in the heart of Temple.












Join us for Worship Sunday Mornings at 9:30AM!



John 8:31–36 (Oct. 28-WEAR RED!)

“Regardless of how terrified the Christian is by the Law and how much he acknowledges his sin, he does not despair; for he believes in Christ into whom he has been baptized and through whom he has the forgiveness of sins. Now if our sin has been forgiven through Christ Himself ... we have become free by the deliverance of the Son.” LW 26:447



Matt. 5:1–12 (Nov. 4)

“I will do everything and suffer everything for the sake of Him whose promises are so generous and who says: ‘Through Christ you already have all the treasure in heaven, and more than enough. Yet I will give you even more, as a bonus. You will have the kingdom of heaven revealed to you, and the Christ whom you now have in faith you will have in sight as well.’” LW 21:292